underglaze painting


21 Mar 2020


2:00 pm - 4:30 pm



Pottery Glazing | 1/2 Day (afternoon)

Decorate and Glaze pots you have made on one of our courses and left behind for firing. Please leave at least four weeks after your making course before you book a glazing day.

This is an intense and rewarding half-day workshop aimed at all those who wish to glaze pieces that have already been biscuit fired.

The main aim of the workshop is the application of underglazes and glazes to pots or ceramic pieces.

You will be guided through the most efficient, which are often the easiest, techniques, and the tutor is on hand to support you through one to one tuition.

The following techniques will be taught:

1) Waxing the foot rings and lids

2) Planning how to glaze a pot or ceramic piece

3) The choice and application of a design

4) Selecting Glaze’s for your pieces – Underglaze, Oxides & Coloured Glazes

5) Pouring and dipping

6) Wax resist, and double dipping

7) Touching up finger marks and preparing for firing

Glazes : Ceramic glaze is an impervious layer or coating of a vitreous substance which has been fused to a ceramic body through firing. Glaze can serve to colour, decorate or waterproof an item.  Glazes can form a variety of surface finishes and can be used to enhance an underlying design or texture. You will be using glazes in aqueous suspensione applied by dipping directly into the glaze. Other techniques include pouring the glaze over the piece or applying with a brush.

Painting with Underglazes : Underglazes are applied to the surface of the pottery. Underglaze can be used to create an endless variety of effects on your surface. Using layers of underglazes you can turn your pot into a canvas, creating painterly effects to rival the old masters if you have the patience! Start with a sketch or a traced design on your form using a regular graphite pencil or carbon paper, which can be painted over with underglaze and will burn out  when the pot is fired. After painting your design in underglaze a wet glaze, usually transparent, is applied over the decoration.

Included: Course materials & refreshments

This workshop is only for potters who have made work on previous pottery courses at The Studio at Clapham and have work that has been left here for biscuit firing. The workshop is limited to four places

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